Travel to Toraja from Makassar

  1. Flight to Makassar
  2. From Makassar (Hassanudin) Airport take taxi to Perwakilan Putra Jaya (Perwakilan is like… a small bus stop). Or you can call this number 0853-4223-7788. If you take taxi, it might be expensive. My experience, wait near Daya Grand Square. I was waiting in Hotel Dalton, quite near from the airport, only cost Rp 18.000 if you use online taxi like GrabCar or Gocar. You can even keep your belongings there at their concierge for free.
  3. Putra Jaya Bus only have 2 options, take night bus at 9 pm or morning bus at 9 am.
  4. Toraja and Rantepao is the same place. Rantepao is the name of small village in centre city of Toraja.
  5. After you arrived in Rantepao/Toraja, take a walk to Duta 88 Cottages. They have hot water etc. And its a very nice cheap cottage. Cost only Rp 250.000 per night.
  6. You can visit Kete Kesu (old houses) and Londa (cave cemetery).
  7. Try to have dinner at Cafe Aras. Only 500 meters from Duta 88 Cottages.


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