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Bandung 1955 on Paul Tedjasurja’s Eye

Paul Tedjasurja, witness of Asian African Conference (AAC) in 1955, shared his knowledge and erudition at Paris Van Java, Bandung (20/4/2015). Galih Sedayu and Perdana Alamsyah also shared their wisdom as curator. Paul, who worked at Gembira and Preanger Foto, captured moments of AAC 1955 with Leica III F that was given by his parent-in-laws.…
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Bandung 1955 Photo Exhibition

Yesterday, 20/4/2015, Asian African Conference photos on 1955 being published at Paris Van Java, Bandung. Those photos were taken by Paul Tedjasurja, and curated by Perdana Alamsyah (Head Chief of Pikiran Rakyat) and Galih Sedayu (Founder of Air Photo Network). The exhibition is held on 20-26 April 2015. There are 50 photos that was being…
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Echelon INDIA: spread #AAC2015 to the world!

If you have Twitter, you may search #AAC2015 and you will find many photos and information about Asian African Carnival 2015. Echelon INDIA, the one who was given task to spread information about Asian African Carnival on social media, is making hashtag AAC2015 going viral. Every volunteer of echelon INDIA taking photos of Asian African Carnival…
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Asian African Carnival 2015 Volunteers Gathering

BANDUNG – More than 1000 volunteers of Asian African Carnival (AAC) 2015 gathered at Balai Kota Bandung, Sunday (19/4/2015). Those volunteers were divided into six echelon and each echelon has different task. These echelon are BANDUNG, BURMA, INDIA, INDONESIA, PAKISTAN, and SRILANKA. The first echelon is BANDUNG. This echelon was given task to make sure…
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