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Many of my overseas friends are coming to Jakarta recently. And they always say, “Diva, let’s go around sightseeing!” or even just asking, “Where should I go, Diva?” Well, I actually kind of confused at first because usually Jakarta people go to Shopping Mall or cafe to escape the reality for a while (there are plenty of Mall here). It is a big no no for tourist.

So, I asked them what would they like to see. Are they interested on history, paintings, dance, music, or anything else. And from my experience, these are places that worthy to be visited by tourist.

Day 1

Museum Nasional / Museum Gajah

It is located across National Monument (MONAS), near Head Office of Republic Indonesia Radio. There are lots of statues, miniature of Indonesia traditional houses (we have 34 provinces so there are 34 miniatures), Indonesia traditional music instruments, and many other.

Inside this museum there is also a room that will provides you information about Indonesia since megalithic age to now. So, if you want to know more about Indonesia, this is the place. The ticket is cheap, Rp 5.000 for local tourist and Rp 15.000 for interlocal tourist. It opens at 8 am to 5 pm.


Monumen Nasional (MONAS)

This is point zero of Jakarta. On top of its monument, there is a big gold that looked like ice cream cone just like mcd/kfc/burgerking ice cream (I don’t know how to explain it, literally). Though you have to queue for around 30 mins to an hour if you want to go to the top.

This monument is so beautiful to be visited by morning or by night. In morning, you can go upstairs to look around Jakarta from up. In night, this monument so pretty to be looked because there will be so many lights.

And you HAVE TO try KERAK TELOR for Rp 15.000 and KETOPRAK for Rp 20.000 in a canteen near Monas.


Galeri Nasional

Located near Gambir Train Station, Central Jakarta, it is a modern art gallery. Open at 9 am till 4 pm. You don’t have to pay to get inside this gallery, and you better visit if there is an exhibition because the permanent gallery only shows 60-100 art everyday.



Blok M Square (only at night)

This is my favourite place. They have a famous Cafe named “Filosofi Kopi”, whom the Barista’s is Chico Jerico, famous Indonesian actor. Though he’s not oftenly there. At night, there are many “girls” and Japanese guy come to enjoy nightlife at many Japanese Bar in this area.

But my favourite thing is… The “LESEHAN”. It is a Javanese way to eat. Located in lobby of Blok M Square, open at 18.30 – 03.00 WIB. I usually eat at “Lesehan Bu Gendut” in the corner. You should try their Opor Ayam, Jengkol, Petai, Sate Usus, and many other. One more thing, there is an Ankringan near Bu Gendut that sells Wedang Uwuh and Wedang Ronde. It is quite cheap for me.


Day 2

Jakarta Old City / Batavia

In afternoon, your eyes will be mesmerized by those old tall buildings that would be wonderful to be taken picture with “SEPEDA ONTEL” / old bicycle. You can rent it for Rp 20.000 an hour.

There are also so many museums. I will tell you later.

And, if you have more money, please have a cup of tea or coffee at Kafe Batavia. You have to go to their toilet (LOL!). But, if you don’t have much money, you can go to those small cafes near Kafe Batavia.


These are pictures when there was an event at Kafe Batavia. These are the only pictures I have at Kafe Batavia 🙁


Museum Wayang / Javanes Puppet Museum

Many people told me that this building is totally haunted. And I, believe it. It was build on 1640, please do imagine how many ghost will haunt you there.

It only opens at 9 am to 3 pm as I remembered.

Sorry I don’t have pictures of it.

Museum Fatahilah

Kind of Museum Indonesia, more focus on history of Jakarta. Bottom line, Jakarta have been build since 400 years ago (?), so much older than Indonesia itself. So there is a lot to see.

It also only opens at 9 am to 3 pm.

Still, don’t have pictures of it. Sorry…

 Museum Bank Indonesia

You will feel super-very-ultra rich when you visit this museum, because there are so many golds inside it! There are old Indonesian money, since independence day until now.

You have to pay around Rp 3.000 – Rp 5.000 to get inside.


Day 3

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) / Indonesia Miniature Park

I can’t describe how beautiful this place is! So many ‘rumah adat’ / traditional house from all around Indonesia, and inside those house there are their own traditional clothes, traditional weapons, etc.

I prefer to go to TMII on Sunday, around 8 am to 2 pm because usually they have intriguing events every weekend. And you should go with your own car if you don’t want to be exhausted.


Kebun Binatang Ragunan / Ragunan Zoo

You have to pay around Rp 3.000 – Rp 5.000 to get inside. Its in south of Jakarta, and it’s the only zoo in Jkt (yeah dude).

Social Haus

Its actually a café in Grand Indonesia (biggest mal in Jakarta). But its very, very, very beautiful to see Jakarta at night from this place. You can see Bundaran Hotel Indonesia from here.


Hope it helps!

 Please comment to add more or few places that you love to visit when you are in Jakarta!

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