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Asian African Carnival 2015 Volunteers Gathering

IMG_8092BANDUNG – More than 1000 volunteers of Asian African Carnival (AAC) 2015 gathered at Balai Kota Bandung, Sunday (19/4/2015). Those volunteers were divided into six echelon and each echelon has different task.

These echelon are BANDUNG, BURMA, INDIA, INDONESIA, PAKISTAN, and SRILANKA. The first echelon is BANDUNG. This echelon was given task to make sure safety along the event. Second, echelon INDIA, was given task to spread information about the event on social media, while echelon INDONESIA was given task to spread information about the city where the event was held such as public transportation, traffic, route, etc. Next, echelon BURMA was given task to be a participant along the event. Then, echelon SRILANKA was given task to manage traffic. The last one is echelon PAKISTAN that was given task to be neatness and healthiness squad.IMG_8096

Although there is no requirement to be an AAC 2015 volunteer, they have to obey some rules. Each volunteer is expected to not drive personal vehicles while doing their tasks, so they have to use either public transportation or by foot. This rule was meant to reduce traffic jam while the event was held. AAC 2015 volunteers also not allowed to bring tissue and have to bring their own tumblr and lunch box, to minimalize trash along the event.

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