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Bandung 1955 on Paul Tedjasurja’s Eye


Paul Tedjasurja, witness of Asian African Conference (AAC) in 1955, shared his knowledge and erudition at Paris Van Java, Bandung (20/4/2015). Galih Sedayu and Perdana Alamsyah also shared their wisdom as curator.

Paul, who worked at Gembira and Preanger Foto, captured moments of AAC 1955 with Leica III F that was given by his parent-in-laws. “On Asian African Conference in 1955, if there is a delegation passing through, it will be announced on speaker so we, photographers, would know who is passing through,” he said.

At that time, Paul said that before he start taking pictures, he has to plan what kind of picture will he take, how many pictures will he take for that moment, what angle will he use, where he has to stand, how many film left on his camera, etc. “It is not as easy as now, people nowadays taking pictures as much as they wanted to. Superfluous.”

Though there are some obstacles to make this exhibition and “Bandung 1955” book, Galih and Perdana explained that they were helped by clippings that were made by Paul. “Yes, there was a wildfire at Pikiran Rakyat Data Centre and some of Paul’s photos burnt, gone. But in 2005, some of those photos has been digitized and stored saved until now.”

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