About me

Hey, thank you for visiting my blog!

Please call me Diva.

I’m a books lover, any kind of book, from comics to classic novel. But I’m a huge fan of fiction novels and detective stories.

I love to play piano and flute whenever I feel depressed (hahaha jk). And I’m also a dancer! Mostly, I danced Indonesian traditional dance, though the first routine I learnt was Classic Ballet.

Anyway, I’d like to learn every language in this world. Sadly, I only speaks 3 languages right now, Indonesia, English, and Francaise.

So, please contact me through email anurdea@gmail.com if you interested in books, piano, flute, dance, or teaching language (for free :p).

Good to know you!




See my linkedin at https://id.linkedin.com/in/svaradiva-anurdea-devi-17320b67

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